Metal Bellows Seal

The company has emerged as one of the reliable Manufacturers and Suppliers of the Metal Bellows Seal (TYPE FSI 10). Metal Bellows Seal is inherently balanced metal bellow seal. Metal Bellows Seals are independent of direction of rotation. The unique feature of this type Metal Bellows Seal is that, there is no dynamic 'O' rings and therefore it will never hang-up or damage the shaft and sleeve. Metal Bellows Seal also has an ability to handle corrosive as well as abrasive & viscous media. These Metal Bellows Seals have self-cleaning & non-clogging construction. With selection of special bellow material, Metal Bellows Seal can be used in highly corrosive media.

Applications : Generally used in for handling highly corrosive chemicals, high Temperature applications, petroleum refinery etc.

  • Seal Faces : Carb0n/TC/ Vs Sic./Tc
  • Secondary Seals : Vlton/PTFE/GFT/Graphite
  • Metal Components : SS-316 / SS-304

Bellow Material
  • Hast-alloy-C EI Alloy 20
  • AM305 EI Inconel 625
  • Alloy C 276

Operating Limits
  • Shaft Dia : 19to100mm
  • Pressure : up to 15 Bars
  • Temp. : -50 to 350oC
  • Speed : up to 25 m/s